Andrew is a DJ, comedian, and voice over artist and gifted musical improviser based in Melbourne.

As a comedian, he regularly performs hour long shows at Melbourne International Comedy Festival, where he’s received rave reviews from the Age and the Herald Sun, and has even been awarded Melbourne’s coveted Comedians’ Choice Award, as well as Sydney Comedy Festival’s Jury Price.

Andrew’s penchant for history and the arts has seen him perform shows such as The Somewhat Accurate History Of Pirates 1550-2017, The Rise and Fall of Ancient Rome, and a contemporary interpretation (and satire) of a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta I am the Very Model of a Modern Major Musical (although this last show’s debut season has unfortunately been postponed due to the global pandemic).

You can currently hear Andrew on ABC Melbourne Radio on Monday mornings with Sammy J as he presents a light-hearted look Melbourne’s lesser known histories in his segment The Past Less Travelled.

An example from Andrew's Ancient Rome Workshop plan

Subject Areas

  • English
  • Drama
  • History
  • Music